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Key marketing and media issues go under the spotlight to reveal – with the help of Vox Pops International – what consumers and members of the public really think.

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Latest vox pops

BR Video: M&S should improve sub-brands and cut prices

Marks & Spencer is perceived as a high-quality retailer, but could do more to reduce prices and produce more fashionable clothes, according to members of the public interviewed in this latest BR Video.


BR Video: Is Burger King or McDonald's the home of value and quality?

With the news that Burger King is to launch its first "value" menu, we asked the public to tell us who offered the best value and quality, BK or McDonald's?


BR Video: Asda gets public vote for cheapest supermarket

Asda comes ahead of Tesco in perceptions of the cheapest supermarket to shop at, according to members of the public interviewed in the latest BR Video.


BR Video: Public delivers Daybreak verdict

ITV1's new breakfast TV show 'Daybreak' has struggled to retain initial peaks in viewers since launching on 7 September, but what does the wider public think of it?


BR Video: Public debates green credentials of mobile devices

Environmental credentials are becoming a consideration for consumers when choosing a mobile phone, with people indicating that O2's new eco ranking tool is a good idea, according to the latest BR Video.


BR Video: Brands should pick up bill for Change4Life, says public

The government's Change4Life healthy living campaign should not be axed and brands should contribute to it financially, according to members of the public interviewed in the latest BR Video.


BR Video: Public positive about Five but unsure of Desmond

After Richard Desmond's recent acquisition of Five we asked people what they liked about the channel and whether they welcomed his decision to buy it.


BR Video: Nationwide right to drop England sponsorship

Members of the public back Nationwide's decision to drop its 11-year sponsorship of the England team in the latest BR Video.


BR Video: BT's deal on Sky Sports piques consumer interest

With BT undercutting Sky on the cost of subscriptions to Sky Sports 1 and 2 from start of the new football season, we asked the public whether they are considering switching, and if Sky offers good value.


BR Video: Public debates practicality of electric cars

Electric cars are catching people's attention, with some indicating they are considering making the switch next time they buy a car, according to our latest BR video.


BR Video: The jury's out on advertising and social networking

When WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell and Unilever's Keith Weed locked horns about whether advertising was a comfortable fit on social networking sites last month, they appeared to be reflecting a divide in public opinion.


BR Video: Public support stronger responsible drinking message

The drinks industry needs to do more to get the responsible drinking message across, according to some of the people interviewed in our latest BR Video.


BR Video: Final Big Brother brings pain and guilty pleasure

The return of 'Big Brother' for its last series on Channel 4 has been greeted with dismay by the over 30s and patchy enthusiasm from the under 30s, according to people interviewed in the latest BR Video.


BR Video: Kit Kat is successfully hijacking the World Cup

Kit Kat is successfully hijacking this year's Fifa World Cup in South Africa, despite not paying hundreds of thousands of pounds on sponsorship deals like rival Mars, according to the latest BR Video.


BR Video: ASA complainants should 'lighten up'

Consumers were not particularly offended by two of the ASA's most complained about ads of 2009, according to the latest BR Video.


BR Video: Public view BP spill as 'unfortunate' but not worth boycott

LONDON - The public's attitude to BP in the wake of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is forgiving rather than rancorous, according to people interviewed in the latest BR Video.


BR Video: Consumers prefer to buy British

LONDON - Consumers would pay more for a loaf of bread made from 100% British wheat, despite Warburtons' having dropped plans to sell one, according to the latest BR Video.


BR Video: Can women be won over to beer?

LONDON - There are encouraging signs this week for Molson Coors' bid to convert women to beer with its clear lager in a bottle concept, judging by the latest BR Video.


BR Video: Public mixed over ban on cigarette display

LONDON - As tobacco companies prepare a legal challenge to government plans to require retailers to move cigarettes under the counter, few people believe such a move will stop young people smoking, according to the latest BR Video.


BR Video: Cadbury's cafes excite man in the street

LONDON - The idea of Cadbury's cafes piqued the interest of most people interviewed in the latest BR Video, although there was no consensus over what their point of difference from Starbucks would be.


Vox Pops International pioneers the use of video in research to bring consumer views to life. It is a full service research agency, services include customer segmentation studies, accompanied shops, communication checks, video diaries, video portraits, and library of over 700 pre-produced consumer videos available online.

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