Senior Project Manager / Associate Account Director

17 Nov 2012
17 Dec 2012

Aquarius Asia 水瓶座亚洲诚征Digital人才

Aquarius Asia, with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, is an international full-service digital e-Marketing service provider, developing and realizing digital concepts for multi-national clients across the whole Asia Pacific region. Headquartered in Munich (Germany), Aquarius serves mostly multi-national corporations in their digital marketing projects and challenges. Our internationally experienced management team, with support of our competent regional implementation team and our network of specialists, allows us best in class digital consulting and implementation. The convergence of new media, internet, mobile communication and digital TV leads to new ways of communication and increases the interaction between brands and customers. To leverage the digital potential of your clients by making use of these new channels and opportunities is our goal.

Aquarius Asia. Leverage your digital potential.

To cope with business development, our Shanghai Office is now sincerely hiring the following positions:

水瓶座亚洲是一家提供国际性全方位服务的数码广告服务商,为世界各地的顾客研发和实现数码概念。水瓶座集团总部位于德国慕尼黑,在上海和香港设有办事处,主要为跨国机构在亚太地区提供有关数码推广的项目服务。我们的管理团队具国际视野、与各区域的团队和专家紧密合作, 将数码潜力完美实施。环顾今天,新媒体、互联网、移动通讯和数码电视融合造就全新的沟通传讯方式,增强品牌和顾客之间的互动。水瓶座亚洲的目标就是充分发挥这些渠道的无限潜力与商机 。



Senior Project Manager / Associate Account Director


Aquarius Asia seeks Senior Account Managers / Associate Account Directors (depending on the experience and capabilities) to join our Shanghai team, reporting to the Group Clients Director. The role includes the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Project management: Proposal and idea generation; Supervise and manage project progress, in particular running digital display & SEM campaigns, Strategy consulting, Negotiation & Budgeting; Manage relationships with technology platforms; Quality focus and excellence centric
  • Account Management: Establish solid and healthy agency-client relationships; Bridging clients’ request and internal deliverables; Ability to solve issues and urgent requests; Identify additional business opportunities within existing accounts; Managing complex accounts
  • Internal Responsibilities: Lead and motivate the account servicing team; Budget control and evaluation on project basis; Working with the finance team to effectively forecast and invoice



  • 项目管理:发想以及提案;监督管理项目进度,包含:互动项目及搜索引擎营销,策略咨询,谈判及报价;管理与技术平台之间的合作关系;追求质量和卓越
  • 客户管理:建立良好的顾客关系与信任;按客户要求与内部项目交付作衔接;处理紧急事务;在现有客户中识别额外的商业机会;管理多个客户
  • 内部工作:领导并激励客户服务团队;按项目要求作出预算控制和报价;与财务团队合作有效管理营收

Job Requirements:


This role requires 4 (Senior Project Manager) to 6 (Associate Account Director) years experience with an understanding of the communications industry, confident to grow and support their existing clients into the digital field as well as business development. You will have an understanding of the Chinese and Western digital business.

  • Creative mindset with eMarketing sense and “out of the box “ thinking
  • At least 4 years of working experience in digital agency / digital media / social media related industry, preferably with some financial services exposure. Additional experience working in other media platforms greatly beneficial.
  • Substantial understanding on development and production process of digital campaigns and projects
  • University graduate in communications / languages / journalism or related discipline
  • True team player who values and believes in effectiveness and efficiency
  • Good command of spoken and written Mandarin Chinese and English and presentation skills
  • Multi tasking at a high level with the ability to prioritize often conflicting work-loads
  • Strong project & time management skills in a pressurized environment;
  • Financial reporting skills
  • Experience of leading and training a digital team
  • Good interpersonal and communications skills
  • Proactive, independent, responsible and detail-oriented
  • Work with a SMILE


  • 具创意思维,对数码市场营销有认识,能独立思考
  • 至少4年以上有关数码广告/数码媒体/社交媒体行业经验,具财务知识及其他媒体平台经验者佳
  • 熟悉数码项目的开发及制作过程
  • 传媒、语言、新闻学或相关科目本科毕业
  • 注重成效和效率,并有良好的团队精神
  • 中英文读写流畅
  • 自主敢言,能积极解决问题和处理多重任务
  • 在压力环境中具有良好的项目和时间管理技能
  • 财务报告技能
  • 具领导和培训团队的经验
  • 良好的人际沟通技巧
  • 主动,独立,负责任和注重细节
  • 工作态度积极乐观

We offer an attractive remuneration package, comprehensive training and excellent career development opportunity to the right candidate. Interested parties are invited to send their applications with full resume stating availability date, references, present and expected salary to .

我们为合适的人才提供丰厚的薪酬待遇, 完备的培训和良好的发展机会。有意者请将申请与简历, 并注明到任日期, 工作参考, 目前和期望的薪金发到