Social Media Account Director

10 Jan 2013
10 Feb 2013
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Full Time

As an Account Director we look to you to proactively lead and manage both your internal teams and your clients, delivering the best solutions that my client can offer. You will have the responsibility, together with the wider Management Team, for developing and driving forward existing business, building and developing your client relationships, demonstrating real ‘thought’ leadership and helping bring new business into the agency. We expect you to work with the company on staff development, team structures, forward planning and financial forecasting, whilst achieving profitability and revenue targets.

We also expect you to keep abreast of the industry for emerging trends and creative practices, educating not only your own team but also the wider team. We also look to you to continually keep your clients updated and engaged with relevant industry practices.

Specific Content of your Role:

The nature of the business requires a high level of flexibility, common sense and versatility. While the specific content of your role is clearly defined, the nature of the demands placed on us and the creativity of our campaigns means that the role will evolve over time and needs a ‘can do’ approach to picking projects up and making them happen.

My client expects you to show confidence and competence in some key areas. Some of the key duties will include:

  • Strategic thinking and forward planning of client work
  • Management of day to day client activity and inter-agency projects
  • Ensuring that all activity follows sign off processes
  • Status and other reporting internally and externally
  • Regular monitoring of the client and their reputation in on and off line media
  • Regular monitoring of competitor brands in on and off line media
  • Day to day management of your team
  • Overall development of your team
  • Financial management of all of your accounts
  • Endeavour to increase revenues in existing client business
  • Handling of new business leads that are assigned to you
  • Proactive contribution to the day to day management and running of the office

Key Areas of Competence

As an Account Director you should be confident in all of the areas laid out below.


You are expected to lead both your client accounts and your teams. You will need to use appropriate interpersonal and communication styles to motivate, inspire and guide your teams towards achievement.

Client Management

You are expected to lead and manage your client accounts. Establish clear procedures and monitor the results of your projects. Ensure that your clients needs and expectations are met with the resources available to you.

Business Development

As an Account Director, we are expecting you to continually look for ways to grow the size of our business with existing clients, develop relationships throughout the client organisation and look for opportunities where the agency can increase its business.

Project Management

Ensure that on each client and project, you have established a clear course of strategic action and deliver this work on time, to budget and to an exceptionally high standard. Project goals must to be achieved in the most effective and financially efficient way.

Financial Management

You need to have your fingers on the financial pulse of your client activity and demonstrate expert budget management.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Understand, research and share the trends that are changing within the industry. Keep abreast with events, creative campaigns and news from the wider scene.

Decision Making

You are empowered to make decisions. There are times when you may need to initiate action that involves a decision out of your comfort zone.


You are responsible for your clients and your teams. Whilst there are times when the Senior Team will need to be involved with your clients, however as a general rule, ‘the buck stops with you.’ This does not mean that you cannot ask for help or take the advice of those around you but it does mean that you do need to commit to your actions and your decisions.


You will need to nurture and achieve the ability to dissect a brief, questioning it where necessary, or to help a client to write a brief.

Proposal Writing

Demonstrate excellence in this area. Your proposal writing needs to be accurate, strategic and thoughtful. You need to remain continually aware of your audience and the brief, tying both of these strands together.


Present professionally to high-level clients (such as marketing directors), demonstrating clear expertise and being able to articulate an argument in a logical and convincing way.


Expert negotiation skills are required at your level. Communication, understanding and the confidence to question any situation are required to ensure effective delivery of your projects.

Tolerance of Stress

You will need to adopt strategies to enable you to maintain effective performance whilst under pressure. You will need to focus on making appropriate responses during stressful or pressurised situations.

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