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Senior Digital Designer - Global Agency

£45000 - £55000 per annum


London (Central), London (Greater)

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As a Senior Digital Designer, you have the eye for the original, extraordinary and well executed digital design. You'll look for the highest visual standards for both the agency and our clients. You have mastered your craft - your experience, expertise and gravitas should be visible to all. And if you keep your sights on developing visual excellence, you inspire outstanding work. Capable within all areas of interactive design, you know how to get a job done on time and within budget to deliver profit. People, projects and agency culture rely on Seniors for leadership. The Digital Design Group Head will rely on you for support and for help to set the standards for the team. Where possible, lead by example for the whole team.

Quick to spot the key requirements of each brief, this will give you more time to develop outstanding design. Ensure your solutions fully answer the briefs and keep an eye on the final technical development.

* Become an expert in the clients' brand, customers, marketplace and channels of distribution.

* You'll be bossing some of the larger briefs and pitch work all at once, so demonstrate mature ability to handle many things. Ensure they're on budget and on time throughout the process.

* Keep an eye on the detail. Ensure your work is 100% correct before it goes out the door.

* Be confident in your work when presenting internally and to clients.

* Share your experience knowledge and skills. Mentor the Junior and Mid-Weight Designers and help them progress within the company. Keep an eye on new recruits who join your team.

* Build and contribute to agency culture across the board. Share your knowledge, ideas and information with the wider agency.

* Ensure your team is involved in wider agency initiatives too and gets exposure to agency life outside the team.

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