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Claire Beale

Claire Beale is editor of Marketing.

Latest articles from Claire Beale

Claire Beale: Reinspired and reignited
02 June 2014
Because we think carefully about these things, it's no coincidence that as the world's best football teams battle it out in Brazil and the world's most creative advertisers compete in Cannes, this month's issue looks at marketing brilliance around the globe.
Claire Beale: Forget the dizzying possibilities, and offer something useful to consumers
28 April 2014
In our crazy digital world, I love the fact that the internet of things (IoT) was invented by a brand manager at Procter & Gamble. Its catalyst was an out-of-stock shade of lipstick in Tesco. And it began life on a P&G PowerPoint presentation.
Claire Beale: Brilliant storytelling is not magic, but a blend of creativity and craft
31 March 2014
There are some people in this world who seem able to sniff which way the wind is blowing before the rest of us. And when they do something bold, you can pretty much guarantee that we'll all soon be trailing in their wake, hoping to catch a lift on the bandwagon they've started rolling.

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