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Claire Beale

Claire Beale is editor of Marketing.

Latest articles from Claire Beale

Claire Beale: Brilliant storytelling is not magic, but a blend of creativity and craft
31 March 2014
There are some people in this world who seem able to sniff which way the wind is blowing before the rest of us. And when they do something bold, you can pretty much guarantee that we'll all soon be trailing in their wake, hoping to catch a lift on the bandwagon they've started rolling.
Claire Beale: From stereotypes to semantics, why gender matters
03 March 2014
There's an ad in this month's Vogue that declares: "Women are back." It's so very ludicrous, of course. Yet so very now.
Claire Beale: Are you on track for CEO?
04 February 2014
If you're still eking out all those good start-of-a-new-year intentions, you'll find plenty of inspiration and provocation in this month's Talent issue to keep your ambitions on track.
Claire Beale: Welcome to 2014 - it's time to get stuck in and find out what's in store
06 January 2014
Welcome to 2014 and the return of most of last year's challenges and the arrival of plenty of new ones. If they didn't think you were up for it, you'd have been let go before Christmas, so it's time to get stuck in and find out what's in store.

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