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Gocompare stops tenor Gio Compario from singing has gagged its brand mascot and opera singer, Gio Compario, from singing in its...will continue to feature in different key roles. Gio Compario is famed in the ads for singing his ...

GoCompare beheads Gio Compario for Halloween

Price comparison site has launched a special Halloween TV ad featuring a headless Gio

Gio Compario on rocky ground in latest Gocompare ad

Opera singer Gio Compario rocks out in the Stone Age in the latest ad for Move over Queens of the Stone Age the King of the Stone Age is here and his name is Gio Compario ...

Gocompare's Gio Compario signed up for another year

Comparison site has signed up opera singer Wynne Evans as Gio Compario for marketing team, Gio Compario will be transported back in time in a Regency period sedan chair in a ...

Gocompare hires Stephen Hawking to save nation from Gio Compario

black hole to save the nation from annoying tenor Gio Compario....asks what Hawking will do with his discovery, the ad cuts to Gio Compario being sucked into a black ...

Ray Mears sets trap for Gio Compario in latest GoCompare ad

character Gio Compario in its latest TV ad....aims to make GoCompare loved by acknowledging the fact that many people find Gio Compario irritating ... Giving Gio Compario a run for his money in the irritation stakes

Marketing's unique weekly analysis of ad recall in association with TNS. 'bazooka Sue' by Dare's latest TV ad features Sue Barker trying to blow up the brand character Gio Compario.

GoCompare to launch ads on BB eviction night

GoCompare's larger-than-life Italian opera character Gio Compario will return this week in a new...". Another ad will place the normally irrepressible Compario as if he were in a silent film. Gio Compario ...

Gocompare drafts in Stuart 'Psycho' Pearce to silence brand character

attempting to silence tenor Gio Compario....The ad, created by Dare, features Pearce kicking a football at Gio Compario in an effort to stop ...

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