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Branding News: Design choice - Xbox 360

Microsoft is on the money with the look of its latest games console, the Xbox 360.

ITV 50 Years of Fame: Introduction

In marking the occasion, ITV has been keen to avoid too much nostalgia. Technological change is ...

50 Years of Fame: Looking back

This supplement is a celebration of 50 years of television advertising on ITV. It's not about how...medium on offer. We would like to thank our customers for their investment in ITV and we look forward ...

50 Years of Fame: Looking forward

compelling ITV content, while earlier this year Ford demonstrated the tactical benefits of harnessing new ...

Interactive Works: Virgin Mobile - 'Bundles'

Virgin Mobile returned late last year for another interactive campaign that ran across the major interactive broadcasters. This creative exploits the full range of benefits interactivity can offer advertisers and is a great demonstration of how much impact the medium can have when excellent creative...

MEDIA CHOICE: Nescafe Street Theatre

I usually find my morning commute into work to be a pretty dull experience.

RADIOWATCH: Radio Choice/Oral B

The radio campaign that has made the most impact on me recently is the Oral B Professional Care ad, where a terrified lady is trying to make her trip to the dentist less of an ordeal by flattering the presumably unattractive male dentist.

MEDIA CHOICE: Observer Sport Monthly

The second issue of The Observer Sport Monthly is of just as high a standard as the first. The launch issue was visually stunning and included Arthur Hopcraft s report of the Sunderland/Leeds FA Cup Final, which was classic nostalgia to complement the features on current sports matters in an impressive...

ITV 50 Years of Fame: Private view - BMW

I have to confess that BMW and I go back a long way. More than 20 years ago, my 318i stood out in Ford-dominated Essex and there's only been a couple of years in the intervening period when I've been disloyal to the Ultimate Driving Machine.

ITV 50 Years of Fame: Private view - Woolworths

Woolworths may have a US heritage, but most of us relate to it as part of British society. In 1909, Woolworths opened its first UK store in Liverpool (no mention of "nick & mix" please).

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