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Microsoft Advertising

The computer giant has tried to innovate its sales arm with management rejigs and a UK Ad Exchange.

Microsoft on why in-app native advertising is the next big thing

Native advertising was a hot topic last year and is already causing quite a stir again in 2014. But in truth it's a bit of a buzzword - if we take 'native' as meaning anything that takes on a publication's persona, almost morphing into existing editorial, then the concept has been around for years.

Microsoft Advertising hires head of specialist sales

Microsoft Advertising has appointed James Hayr as its new head of specialist sales....will report to Chris Maples, UK commercial director, Microsoft Advertising. Hayr will be in charge ...

Microsoft Advertising hires vice-president of global marketing

Microsoft Advertising has appointed Marc Bresseel as its first vice-president of global marketing....Bresseel, who has been at Microsoft Advertising for 14 years, moves from his current role of vice ...

Chris Maples walks away from Microsoft Advertising

Chris Maples, commercial director for Microsoft Advertising, has left the company with business. He was promoted to the role of sales director at Microsoft Advertising in July 2008 ...

Digital brief: Microsoft Advertising announces exclusive deal

Microsoft Advertising has announced an exclusive deal with Paramount Pictures to drive awareness of

Hotline: Microsoft to launch Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft is to launch a global brand, called Microsoft Advertising, to house all its ad-related

Microsoft advertising division makes $8bn loss

Microsoft Advertising. The company has not confirmed how many jobs are to go. Microsoft s profits still ...

This Is What I Do: Mary Healy, Microsoft Advertising UK

Mary Healy is Industry manager, entertainment and media at Microsoft Advertising UK...What's it like working at Microsoft Advertising? Microsoft Advertising prides itself on taking ...

Microsoft Advertising hires Sara Linfoot as brand integration specialist

Microsoft Advertising has appointed the former Guardian News and Media digital digital lead, Sara...Advertising, who in turn reports to Andy Hart, general manager of Microsoft Advertising Online, UK ...

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