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new business director, it might well come in handy. Does this sound like an ad for Baulch ...

MEDIA CHOICE: Boots Magazine

Well, we all know how to be healthy and beautiful, don t we?

Retail news: Retail choice - Esprit, Covent Garden

I have never been a great fan of Esprit; its clothes have always been a bit too bland and I could never work out what type of consumer it was trying to attract. However, I put my prejudices aside and wandered down to its new store in Covent Garden.


Some cracking storylines have turned ITV's strongest soap into must-see TV for Natasha Taylor.


Right time, right place, right audience is part of our everyday vocabulary in direct marketing and this mailing would appear to hit the nail on the head.

ABC FIGURES: Media Choice - Heat

Heat started life looking like the result of a one-night stand between Empire and Time Out. Its ads featured people on fire in buses, rather than enlightening us about what it was all about. In retrospect, it was an inspired decision to produce such an impenetrable launch campaign, because...

MEDIA: BARE: AN EXPERT’S VIEW - Self-confessed health fanatic Fleur McNally is so impressed with the launch issue of Bare

I have a confession to make and one I m not particularly ashamed of either - I m a health and fitness fanatic. I m always first in the queue to buy the latest cellulite gels, multivitamin pills and miracle anti-wrinkle creams. Despite more than seven years in the industry, I tend to rely on the good...


With the increasing volume of online companies now springing up from all directions, it is very important to be able to stand out and to avoid becoming just another dotcom brand in the constantly expanding web. Obviously, direct marketing, when used effectively, can be a very useful tool in taking the...


Do I admit to being immediately amused by these postcards from The Guardian s online job-finding venture, jobsunlimited.

MEDIA ARENA: AN EXPERT’S VIEW - Despite the recent revamp, Arena still offers the same features. By Marcus Brown

A few years ago the dawn of the new millennium was hailed as a time for contemplation. A time for change as well as an opportunity for the world to become more loving and caring.

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