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Retail News: Retail choice - Asda Essentials, Northampton

The Asda Essentials store in Northampton is all about the Asda brand - or as the retailer puts it, 'We're so proud of the Asda brand, we've built a store around it.' With manufacturers' brands making up only 5% of the offer, it is Asda's own-label ranges that steal the show. Backed by a strong price...

Retail choice: Hamleys' Harry Potter Lego promotion

Depending on your age, your angle of approach to Hamleys' Harry Potter Lego promotion will deliver differing degrees of promise. From a child's point of view the window display featuring the 'Knight bus' is fantastic and delivers all it sets out to do, demonstrating once again Lego's flexibility and...

Retail choice: Radley, King's Road

's Road. It is a gorgeous piece of retail design, and a triumphant first entry into retail for owner Tula ...

Retail choice: Top Shop, Oxford Street

accustomed to from this retail giant.

Retail choice: Belstaff, Conduit Street, London

, but the effect is lost to the generalist Italian fashion retail environment. The staff I encountered ...

Retail choice: Orange, Westbourne Grove, London

traditional retail rules. There is no product in the window and no pricing; concept takes precedence. In fact ...

Retail choice: Ralph Lauren at Harrods

Few clothing brands have the recognition and longevity Polo has nurtured since Ralph Lauren created it in 1967.

Retail News: Retail choice - NikeTown Panna Ko

Whoever thought this one up is a genius. The concept of hosting live sporting action inside an urban store is mind-boggling, yet Nike has done it - and done it well. NikeTown in London has set up a mini football game on its ground floor and is running daily competitions throughout April.

Retail choice: Apple zone, Tesco Extra, Milton Keynes

The Apple store on Regent Street represents a pinnacle of retail marketing - a true brand...deliver a truly memorable retail experience. Design: In-house. ...

Retail choice: Manchester United Megastore

I have supported Manchester United for as long as I can remember, so a visit to its Megastore last week on the night we played Benfica - finalists in 1968 when we won the European Championship for the first time - was especially poignant.

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