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DVLA 'tax' by DLKW

The latest ad from the DVLA encourages motorists to keep their vehicle tax up to date....electronic portals online and how to pay tax by phone. ...

Editorial: Retail's 'marketing tax'

There are certain payments in life that feel unfair: flat-rate Tube or bus fares when only travelling a single stop; an equal contribution to the cost of a new lift when you own the ground-floor flat; the 'booking fee' added to the price of every theatre or event ticket.

Rivals unite on digital tax

Rivals unite on digital tax...if the government agreed to the Davies Committee proposals for a digital tax. If the Government ...

Global Radio defends tax arrangements

Global Radio, the owner of Classic FM and the Heart network, has defended its tax arrangements...are loss making do not pay corporation tax. Global Radio made an operating profit of 33.3m in ...

Charities should share tax burden

A proposal to limit tax relief on donations has met with much bleating, but charities that play much that happens to be. The shortfall that arises from the diversion of your tax to the charity ...

Nappy body raps waste-fee 'tax'

disposable items to 'send a message to consumers'. The AHPMA said such a charge amounted to a 'baby tax ...

Alcopops attack Brown's tax hike

director Maurice Doyle criticised the tax hike for distorting the market, stifling innovation and reducing ...

Agencies alerted over tax windfall

firm, Willott Kingston Smith, has been contacting agencies to explain how new tax regulations ...

Government moots product placement "tax"

LONDON - The government could introduce a levy on product placement if alcohol, gambling and unhealthy foods are included in any future reversal of the current ban.

Australian tax changes spark opposition

Sydney Changes to Australia’s taxation system and an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) draft ruling regarding sponsorship and contra-deals has led to complaints from the events industry.

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