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The Insider's Guide to Production: Technology - The misled evangelism

The industry should be wary of one-size-fits-all technology. Specialised tools offer a much smarter...extra creativity sold it to me completely. I became an evangelist for this new technology, persuading ...

Digital Essays: The digital canvas

technology (Sky+, broadband, mobile, and so on), it is critically important to find new approaches ...

Quiet technology

As devices become better connected they will become less disruptive to everyday life, writes Nicola Kemp, in the latest of our Forward 50 trends series.

Think Tank Technology: Technology woes

A bad workman always blames his tools. Should dodgy DM practices be blamed on powerful technology...When they come to write the history of technology in direct marketing, a logical starting point ...

What is ... Fuzzy logic

Fuzzy matching allows identification of things that are similar, but not exactly the same.

What Google's privacy changes mean for advertisers

Matt Stannard, chief technology officer at search and social marketing agency 4Ps Marketing (below

SXSW: An alternative view

of people half way around the globe, asks Jason Anderson, head of creative technology, WCRS.

What is ... Ham

One of my current favourite buzzwords is "ham". Most people are familiar with spam - unsolicited commercial email. Ham, however, is spam's good counterpart - it is the quality email marketing that consumers do actually want to receive.

MARKETING MIX: Book of the week

Fast Louche - Confessions of a Flagrant Sinner by Jeremy Scott (Profile Books, 16.99)

CAMPAIGN-I: Private surf - Richard Davies, the managing director of Good Technology, looks at

one such banner (using their N-XEC technology) with a DHTML (dynamic HTML) game, driving traffic to ...

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